Ida Jr. The Hero

This is how the story of Ida Jr. begins (by Anna B.)

Once upon a time, there lived a rock named Ida Jr. She was crazy in many ways. One way was that she always sang in the shower. Another was that she ate dog biscuits. And lastly, her teeth, amazingly, stayed white. At least one day a week her mother sent her down to the store to get barfaroni and cheese for dinner. She loved doing it because it made her feel big and important. Her father was at the ocean all day, and the baby twins were stinky and not fun. Usually it was Monday at 5:00, and today she went. On her way there a mean rock that she’d seen at monstrotown jail stopped in front of her and growled. She gasped. Her bow fell to the ground. Then she got a great idea…

To be continued…


Ida Jr. (WI13) was last seen in Madison, WI. Have you seen her or would you like to continue her story? If so, let us know!

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