The Ship Sailed from Genoa (Genni’s Story)


Genni is one of the rocks on a Rock Trek through Europe. This is how her story begins (by Eileen S.).

The ship sailed from Genoa, a beautiful Italian port full of interesting buildings, winding streets and dark, cobbled alleyways. Genni had been chosen to represent the rock group in Genoa, and would also be the last rock left in a port. She enjoyed the sightseeing and was happy to pose for pictures, but she started to worry about the next stop. She knew that Roma had been selected to stay behind in Rome and was not happy with this as she desperately wanted to see Rome for herself.


Back in the Isle of Wight in England, Genni had lived through the invasion and occupation by the ancient Romans. She had seen the fleet of Roman ships land upon the shore close to her cove and had longed to see Rome for herself since that time. She pictured the amphitheatres and stadiums and dreamt she again heard the sound of feet marching to battle.

Genni looked very sweet, with her smooth blue surface and large soft eye but she was in fact a very fierce rock who dreamt of battles. Her voice was soft and sweet too, and yet she longed to shout out loud. “I have to get to Rome!” she thought, and, as the ship sailed into Rome, she somehow managed to ‘slip’ quite innocently into a tourist’s bag and so her wish came true! She was taken into Rome and…

Well, we don’t know what happened next because from there we have to leave Genni, as her story must be finished by others and the adventures she may have will be told here, I hope. But I do wonder what happened and where she may be.

However, despite having her story changed, Roma was not displeased by this event as it turned out that she wanted to enjoy a longer voyage and see all the ports. She would also be happy to be left in Genoa at the end of the rock tour. So despite Genni’s selfishness, all turned out well in the end and the ship sailed on from Rome to Nafplion where Leon would be next to have his adventure! What will happen?

To be continued…


Genni (EU17) was last seen in Rome. Have you seen her or would you like to continue this Roman adventure? If so, let us know!

Genni is part of a group of rocks on a European Rock Trek. Be sure to read how the story begins and stay tuned as the adventure continues with the remaining traveling rocks.