A Peaceful Rock Lands in Nafplion (Leon’s Story)

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The European Rock Trek continues with a trip to Greece. This is Leon’s story (by Eileen S.)

My name is Roma.


I was named for the city of Rome where I was due to be placed – until Genni slipped away. But I shall not complain as it will be me visiting the many cities instead.

The city of Genoa is so beautiful that a rock would be happy just to sit for a thousand years there. Part of the city is very old, narrow and dark, but alongisde the ancient port new buildings and beautiful sculptures have risen. The Biosphere, Aquarium and the Maritime Museum, plus the world famous El Bigo offer so many attractions for the visitor.

Il Bigo (photo courtesy of Ondablv)

But what really interests me are all the churches and cathedrals, intricate buildings full of wonderful paintings and sculpture and this is where I long to lie at the end of this journey just as my friends will lie in other places.


Yesterday Leon was placed in Nafplion, Greece.


Leon looks like a smooth, friendly kind of rock but with his googly eyes and open mouth with tongue lolling out, he may be thought stupid by some. However, looks can be deceptive and Leon is far from stupid. He is actually so busy appreciating all the wonders of the world around him that he forgets to politely close his mouth!


Leon may lack some manners but he is brave and his deep bass voice provides a calm sound within the rock group, although, as with all rocks, it needs patience, time and silence to really hear their voices. But Leon, just like some people, needs a certain sort of kindness alongside the patience before he may be heard.

So Leon has chosen to lie in the War Museum garden in Nafplion where maybe someone standing in contemplation of the stupidity of mankind may notice him and note his rock-gentleness and peaceful intentions. I hope someone will notice his simple joy in life.

In Nafplion he will appreciate the glorious art and graceful Venetian and Turkish architecture. He will note the shadow of the Palamidi Fortress that guards the town and hear the echoes of Mycenaean history all around him.

Palamidi fortress (photo courtesy of Dorieo)

Nafplion is famous for its delicate worry beads carved from rock, bone, amber, coral and glass and Leon likes that something so simple yet effective may be formed from the very earth – like himself.

I wonder what adventures await him? I hope I may hear his voice again.


Leon (EU11) was last seen in Nafplion, Greece. Have you seen him or would you like to continue his story? If so, let us know!

Leon is part of a group of traveling rocks. You can read the entire narrative by following the links below:

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