The Bird Mystery

This is how the story of Cheap begins (by Nico V., age 7).

Once upon a time there was a bird’s nest that had four birds in it. One of the birds was named Cheap. He was having a play-date with his best friend named Cukoo. Cukoo was trading feathers and he wanted to trade 10 feathers for 2 feathers but Cheap did not think that was fair. So he decided 10 feathers for 10 feathers. After all, Cheap did have a collection. Cukoo said, “fine” and they left the house with their feathers on the floor. They went to play Bird Ball.

Cukoo took the bat-feather and slammed the egg-ball. Then the Mommy tried to swing but missed and Cheap caught it in his mouth. While they were playing Bird Ball, their feather collection started to form into a giant Bird Monster. They heard a BOOM sound so they went into their house. Suddenly, the lights went out. They said, “what’s going on?” and while they were panicking about the lights going out…. something huge came out behind them and put them in its mouth!

… to be continued.


Cheap (BD10) was last seen in Evanston, IL. Have you seen him or would you like to continue this story? If so, let us know!

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