Awestruck in Istanbul (Issi’s Story)

Issi is one of the rocks on a Rock Trek through Europe. This is how her story begins (by Eileen S.).
Shopping in the crowded spice market, full of intoxicating smells, sights and sounds, brought no complaints from Issi. This was surprising because ever since the trek had begun Issi had complained. Places were too hot, too air-conditioned, too quiet. There was too much walking, too much sailing… Yet now, after approximately 2253 nautical miles from Genoa as we reached the Bosphorus Straits, she was silent!
Bosphorus Strait (image courtesy of NASA)
Sailing into the Mamara Sea and then the Straits, passing the old Asian quarters of Uskudar and Kuzguncuk, where wooden villas mixed with vast palaces – the Dolmabahce, the Beylerbeyi –  and where implacable ancient fortresses stood on each headland, she had suddenly become quiet.
Bosphorus Bridge and view of Istanbul (image courtesy of Kara Sabahat)
Mosque domes and minarets, christian church spires and glittering skyscrapers crowned the distant hills and horizon for mile after mile and still no sound was made.
Istanbul (image courtesy of Constantinopolitan)

Istanbul was glorious. By turns, hot and cold, historical yet cutting edge, quiet, fussy, gilded and stark, it was full of contradictions – just like Issi. So it was fitting that there she was placed, on the mosque steps by the spice market where she still remained silent among the bustling crowds. I like to think she was as awestruck as we all were. I suspect she could find no complaints.

 I wonder if she will be noticed there as the warm dust of Istanbul sweeps across the square? Perhaps she will simply become part of the wonderful scenery? I wonder.

… to be continued.


Issi (EU14) was last seen in the Istanbul, Turkey. Have you seen her or would you like to continue this story? If so, let us know!

Issi is part of a group of rocks on a European Rock Trek. Be sure to read how the story begins and the following chronicles of her fellow travelers:


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