At the Steps of Messina (Michel’s Story)

Michel is one of the rocks on a Rock Trek through Europe. This is how his story begins (by Eileen S.).

It was a quiet, long 814 miles from the wonders of Istanbul to Messina in Sicily. The trek had become much more thoughtful now that many of the rocks had been placed, especially the vocal Issi.
So many cities – so much history, art and cultural differences, and Messina did not disappoint in any way.
Messina (photo courtesy of DanieleDF 1995)
Legend has it that the Messina Straits were guarded by Scylla and Charybdis.
Messina Strais (photo courtesy of NASA)
Scylla – who was described in The Odyssey as having 12 feet and hands, was said to have destroyed Ulysses’ ship, killing six sailors, and many legends and fairy tales still seem to be intertwined in the fabric of Messina city.
Messina was founded in 730 BC and is a very busy sea port. It boasts Mount Etna – the highest volcano in Europe – which looms above the numerous fishing villages which still line the coast.
Mt. Etna (photo courtesy of Josep Renalias)
After wandering through the beautiful but hot and dusty streets, we stopped to admire the wonders of Messina city square – the Cathedral and the astronomical clock tower – the most complex mechanical clock in the world, about which many cats played with their assorted kittens at each corner and the continuous fiestas played.
Cathedral of Messina (photo courtesy of Pinodario)
Here we placed Michel. Quiet and watchful, he had never really taken a part in the trek, perhaps he had already settled into that silence which the ancient rocks attain? But still we hoped that the scenery would interest him. wake him and inspire him to an adventure perhaps, one day.
… to be continued.


Michel (EU15) was last seen in Messina, Italy. Have you seen him or would you like to continue this story? If so, let us know!

Michel is part of a group of rocks on a European Rock Trek. Be sure to read how the story begins and the following chronicles of his fellow travelers:

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