Cribroch leaves his tree

This is the story of Cribroch (by Mila, age 13)

Once upon a time there was a rock was named Cribroch. Cribroch lived in a beautiful park near a lake. Every morning he would wake up right before the sun rose and look out at the lake as the first rays of sun began to spread across the water. The lake would turn pink then gold then blue. Cribroch loved his spot in the park. He loved watching the kids come and play and run around and have picnics on the grass. He loved watching the dogs sniffing the trees and chasing rabbits. He especially loved those days when the breeze blew the leaves in the trees and made them sound like waves. He even loved the rainy days at the park because on those days he got the whole park to himself and he would sit quietly and listen to the rain dripping all around him.

One day, a little girl named Phoebe found Cribroch sitting by a tree looking out at the lake. She sat down quietly next to him and at first, she didn’t notice him sitting there but then she looked down and saw him. “What is this?” Phoebe thought as she picked up Cribroch. “What a funny looking rock.” She kind of liked the rock and decided to take it home. Cribroch was very sad because he loved his spot near the lake and he didn’t really want to leave. He tried to roll away from her but Phoebe caught up with him and put him in her pocket. When they got to Phoebe’s house, she put Cribroch in her yard. The yard was big and full of flowers and trees but Cribroch was sad because he missed his view of the lake. There was a fence around the yard and Cribroch rolled over to the fence to see if he could get out but there were no openings. He could see the lake from the cracks in the fence and he got very sad.

Phoebe noticed Cribroch rolling around the yard so she decided to talk to him. Cribroch told her that he missed the lake and he wanted a deck so he could see the lake and watch the sun rising in the. Phoebe talked to her parents and luckily her Dad was a builder. He went to get 100 pieces of wood and 1,000 nails to build a deck for the house and they built a tiny deck for Cribroch. Phoebe and her Dad painted his deck white and green and Cribroch thought it was beautiful. After that day, every morning Cribroch woke before the sun rose and he rolled down to his deck where he sat and watched the sun rising.

To be continued…


Cribroch (IL13) was last seen in IL. If you have found Cribroch or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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  1. Great Story Mila,
    Makes one look differently at a rock. We should take care of them and
    love them, right? Im glad you found a home for your rock where he
    could be with you and still see his beloved lake.

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