Basalt’s Good Day

This is the story of Basalt (by Jeff)

Basalt spent a pleasant day reading and browsing through the local stacks.  There were many options on the Seminary Co-op front table and it was good to pick a few and find a comfortable little corner to sit back and read.

Some days the reading goes rather well.  But on this day, like a few in the past, Basalt felt a little sleepy after consuming so many ideas.  It had become restless and needed to go out for some fresh air.  But this spring day contained a challenge: a locked gate.

Accepting the challenge, the rock chose to storm the gate and prove yet again that it does stand the test of time.  Much exertion was spent as the gate was quite large.  It took a few attempts, but Basalt prevailed.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the day, the mighty rock required a bit of time by the reflecting pool: a little moment to cool its underside and declare that yes, this day was a good spring day.



Basalt (Rock IL60) was found in IL. If you have found Basalt or would like to continue this story, let us know!

0 thoughts on “Basalt’s Good Day”

  1. Such interesting stories ( and photographs ). I too love to read
    but there is nothing like a nice Spring day, although it looked like
    there is way too much snow for it to be Spring. Hope it all melts soon
    and all the good rocks can alternate between reading in the stacks
    and playing outside.

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