Gern Rocks!

This is the story of Gern Blankstein (by Adam).

As a a transient carnival worker and circus-ride operator, Gern Blankstein had travelled across the globe and back again. He moved from town to town, without thought or remorse for the life he truly wanted—though he knew deep in his heart, his true love was music.

Gern longed to be part of a vital rock-and-roll band. He was all but broke and starving when he was discovered by a beautiful young physician. She took him in, and understanding his longing to truly ‘rock’ the world, she used a discarded old cadaver that she kept in a basement icebox to build him a human body. In his new body he auditioned for Chicago’s rock band, The Precious Moments. They were immediately enchanted with his wide-eyed lust for life, his new body, and his ability to play Pachelbel’s Canon on the Micro Korg Keyboard using only his head… and so, Gern begins his new gig as a rocker.

Gern (IL26) was found in IL. If you have found Gern or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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