Empress Elizabeth Habsrock

 This is how the story of Empress Elizabeth Habsrock begins (by Gonzalo A.R.).

Empress Elizabeth is one of the last remaining members of the Habsrock royal family. Her family once ruled almost all of Europe’s rock nations, and at one point even controlled Mexico’s rock nation. Throughout the years, the kingdom has changed quite a bit. Today, the Habsrocks are only the royals of Austria and Empress Elizabeth, as her name may suggest, is the Empress.

Empress Elizabeth is beloved by her people because she has a very big heart and has always been genuinely concerned for their well-being. She is also a very big promoter of women’s rights. Empress Elizabeth has many stories to tell of living in palaces and leading a life of luxury for hundreds of years.  She is eager to share these stories as she travels her kingdom and perhaps other lands too.

To be continued…


Empress Elizabeth Habsrock (AT11) was last seen in Vienna, Austria. If you have found her or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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