Harry Bowlder’s Gastronomical Adventure

This is how the story of Harry Bowlder begins (by Gonzalo A.R.)

Born with silver hair for reasons as of yet uknown (perhaps will become apparent as his story unravels), Harry Bowlder is a lover of food. He has come to Vienna because he heard the schnitzel here was good. Prior to Vienna he was in Spain where he had paella. Prior to Spain he was in the US where he has an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Prior to that he has been traveling the world looking for the best dish in each place.

Here is his paella story – and he is looking forward to sharing his Vienna story with you soon:

Paella is a typical Spanish dish made of rich, which is slowly cooked in azafran – a rare and expensive spice that adds incredible flavour to anything it touches. This rice-based dish is also filled with the most delicious food from the sea, such as shrimp, musssels, clams, lobster and fish. In addition it can have spicy sausage, rabbit and chicken. The dish is complimented with some peas and tomatoes. In the end you have a mouth-watering platter that would make any belly (rock and human) smile with delight.

image courtesy of myrecipes.com

I ventured to Spain to try the best paella – and was told to go to Valencia to do so.


Valencia is an amazing little Spanish city that sits on the Mediterranean. The weather is, as one would imagine, almost perfect — and the best paella is to be eaten at one of the many little places that line the beach front of this lovely city.

I am not ashamed to admit that I ordered AND ATE a total of seven paella dishes. This is an impossible feat for a human but for a rock with a big appetite like mine, this was easy as pie. I chomped and champed away at it, and ate to my heart’s content. Absolutely d-e-l-i-ci-i-o-u-s. You should try it.

While I was in Valencia I met a lovely Austrian couple who were on their holidays. When I told them of the global gastronomical adventure I was pursuing they were quick to suggest that my next trip be to Vienna to try the world famous Weiner Schnitzel.

image courtesy of tasteofhome.com

So here I am – my stomach is rumbling with anticipation, and I am ready to let these teeth bite into Vienna’s favourite meal.

Bon apetit, buen provecho, enjoy your meal, guten appetite!

To be continued…


Harry Bowlder (AT10) was last seen in Vienna, Austria. If you have found him or would like to continue his story, let us know!

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