Bubba’s Story

This is how the story of Bubba begins (by Chloe, middle school).

My name is Bubba. I enjoy sleeping in warm patches of sunlight and eating vanilla ice cream. My favorite place to go is by the bleachers. I would love to go up onto one of them but my disability of not being born with legs prevents me. I would love to move closer to the cafeteria though because I heard they had really good vanilla ice cream.

To be continued…


Bubba (IMS7) is part of a series of rocks created by students and teachers at Islander Middle School in Washington. If you have found Bubba or would like to continue this story, let us know!

We invite you to read about other Islander Middle School (IMS) monsters and welcome your comments, questions or feedback on those narratives. Please keep in mind that comments are intended to help storytellers continue developing their craft so we ask that you be respectful and supportive in your feedback.

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