Cracker, the Sporty Guy

This is how the story of Cracker begins (by Icy Foo, middle school).

One sunny day in a peaceful town called The Rocky Hills, there was great commotion all around, which was most unlikely. There were all different colored rocks jumping around and chattering loudly.

“Have you heard?” said one purple rock named That.
“Say what?” said three other rocks named That (a green rock) and Robby (white mouse rock) and Oliver (a gator rock).
“YOU DIDN’T HEAR ABOUT THE STRANGE NEW ROCK????” asked That practically yelling.
“WOW calm down That! There is a new baby rock?” asked Oliver.
“DUH!! But the strange thing is that its not a normal color. It’s almost like a rainbow!” said That.
“Well? What are you waiting for?” asked It
“Yeah! Lets go see the new baby!” cheered That.

So to the baby’s house they went. When they got there, there was a really long line to see the new strange baby.

“AWWWWW were never going to get to see the baby!” cried Oliver.
“Don’t worry. There is always tomorrow,” said That.

So tomorrow it was! They waited and waited for dawn to come then the sun to rise. They had agreed to meet at the new baby’s house at 7:00 o’rock in the morning. When they all met up they quietly knocked on the door hoping that someone was awake. Surprised when the door opened, a little baby rock or all sorts of colors stepped out. Indeed it was a strange rock! All four of them stepped back.

“May I hewp you?” said the baby.
“Um no thanks. But what’s your name? We might need to uh…. contact you later” stammered It.
“Huh? I’m Cracker,” the baby told them.
“OH ok thanks!” said Oliver and they all hurried away.

They ran all the way to the biggest park in town called Rockeries Park.

“WOW that was SOME baby!” announced That.
“Uhhhh yeah it was,” said Robby.

Over the next few years, they kind of forgot about Cracker until one day, when they were in 8th grade, Cracker went to there school as a 6th grader. Cracker was big for his age and was always mistaken for an 8th grader.

To be continued…


Cracker (IMS9) is part of a series of rocks created by students and teachers at Islander Middle School in Washington. If you have found Cracker or would like to continue this story, let us know!

We invite you to read about other Islander Middle School (IMS) monsters and welcome your comments, questions or feedback on those narratives. Please keep in mind that comments are intended to help storytellers continue developing their craft so we ask that you be respectful and supportive in your feedback.

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