MeteoRita’s Great Adventure

This is how the story of MeteoRita continues (by Wendy N.) You can read the first part of her story here.

The boy shoved me in his pocket and raced excitedly through the fields toward his home with his dog dancing along beside him. At home after showing me off to his mom, the boy’s three sisters examined me with a huge magnifying glass. I was pronounced “the most beautiful rock in the world,” “the most beautiful rock in the universe,” and “real nice.” Then I was stuffed into the toe of a large sock hanging by a roaring fireplace.

I hung there for about a week until early one morning excitement filled the air of the farmhouse. There was music and laughter and strange voices. Suddenly I was dumped out of the stocking onto someone’s lap and promptly zipped into a large, dark suitcase bound for who-knows-where.

The first stop on my adventure by suitcase to who-knows-where was Madison, Wisconsin where I watched the Madison Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker.” It was no rock concert but I did enjoy the battle with the Rat King.

Rat King

Next I found myself in Chicagoland at a Polynesian restaurant where people were drinking flaming drinks (lava?) from small volcanoes – wow!


We headed south and near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky we visited Dinosaur World. Along with over 150 life-sized dinosaur models they have an actual meteorite housed in their very informative museum. I began to feel homesick but the best was yet to come.

Look at that huge dinosaur!

Just outside of Atlanta, Georgia I was again shoved into a pocket – the pocket of someone’s running shorts – then we bounded along the beautiful 5 mile trail circling Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is the world’s largest granite outcropping. It rises almost 1700 feet above sea level and is about 350 million years old. On its eastern side is the world’s largest bas-relief, a carving of 3 Confederate heroes:  Jefferson Davis, “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

Stone Mountain

Here on the western slope of this magnificent enormous rock is where this story ends. The runner took me out of his pocket and left me on a granite ledge for someone else to find and start me on a new adventure.

My new home!

To be continued…


MeteoRita (VES10) is part of a series of rocks created by students and teachers at Vesper Elementary School in Wisconsin. If you have found MeteoRita or would like to continue this story, let us know! We invite you to read about other Vesper Elementary School monsters and welcome your comments, questions or feedback on those narratives. Please keep in mind that comments are intended to help storytellers continue developing their craft so we ask that you be respectful and supportive in your feedback.

2 thoughts on “MeteoRita’s Great Adventure”

  1. This story was great, I love it very much because everyone was helping MeteoRita have new adventures. I like that because I like going outside to play and find new things.

  2. I like this story because it was long and I loved the pictures. I liked when MeteoRita was put on the rock for someone else to find because I think other people should have the opportunity to play with Rock Thoughts.

    I think that MeteoRita was really, really nice because she stayed in that suitcase for a while and if I was MeteoRita, I would get kind of grouchy.

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