Marcia Finds her Inspiration

This is the story of Marcia (by Bella)

Marcia was a poet. She had an insatiable craving to see the beauty in life and to find the words to describe it to the world. She was a quiet little rock, she mostly kept to herself but when she got inspired, there was no holding her back. She had created some remarkable pieces of poetry, words that made your heart beat fast and want to hear more, words that made you look at your surroundings in a most original way. The problem was that Marcia hadn’t been able to create much poetry lately. You see, a few months back she had a terrible scare.

Marcia had gone out for a walk on a cold winter day. The wind wasn’t just howling, it was growling at the sky. The sky snarled back, barring its teeth in flashes of ominous lightning. Marcia knew she should probably stay inside but she was tired of being indoors all day and wanted to get some fresh air. As she started walking, she heard a terrible sound, as if the sky was being torn in two. She looked up just in time to see a huge tree get struck by lightning and it split in half. The two parts of the tree fell to opposite sides and an enormous branch snapped off… right over Marcia’s head. She watched as the branch started to fall, getting closer and closer to our poor little rock. She was too terrified to move and was only spared her life because the branch fell a foot over from where Marcia stood. The experienced shocked Marcia and she began to think that perhaps it was best not to go outside anymore.

… and so, she spent the remainder of the winter months quietly gazing out the window. She was safer (or so she thought) indoors but she was slowly loosing her inspiration for after a while, there really wasn’t much left inside Marcia’s house to inspire beautiful poetry. Eventually, Marcia lost all of her inspiration and began to grow quite sad.

At this time, spring began to arrive at Marcia’s house and she would gaze out the window as the snow began to melt, hoping to be re-inspired.. But no matter how long she enjoyed the view, she was unable to find poetry in the view.

She sat on the windowsill, soaking up the sun… but the rays filtered through the glass didn’t help her find her words.

“What am I going to do?” she thought to herself and then, she spotted them – the first blooms of the season. Tiny blue flowers, “like drops of sky dangling from spring”… and she smiled for she had finally found her inspiration.

Marcia (IL117) was found in IL. If you have found Marcia or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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  1. Wow!!!!! What a story. Im so glad Marcia found her inspiration.
    The Spring flowers always make us feel that way. Thats why the
    Easter Bunny loves the Spring.
    I LOVE Marcia’s lips. They are very beautiful.
    Thank you for this inspiring story.

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