Count Spatuia

This is how the story of Count Spatuia begins (by Denver P., middle school).

Once upon a time there was a rock named Count Spatuia. He is a red rock that came from Spatuland, but later he had to move to Canada. Now he goes to a school of all boy rocks.

“Ahh, it’s a beautiful day at the school for boy rocks,” said Count Spatuia, walking to school. “I wonder what it will be like at school. Darn it! I forgot to study for the super hard quiz! I’m sure that I will be punished! What will I do!?!?”

To be continued…


Count Spatuia (GMS99) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Gregory Middle School in Naperville, IL. We invite you to visit all GMS rocks and submit your comments and feedback, it will be much appreciated.

If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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