Sabashtion the Ninja Penguin

This is how the story of Sabashtion the Ninja Penguin begins (by Morgan, grade 7).

This is a penguin, her name is Sabashtion the Ninja Penguin. She has a sister named Labashtion the Awesome Ninja Penguin. They live in an igloo in Antartica.


She doesn’t like hot weather and loves cold and snowy weather. She also loves making snow angels with her sister. She sells popcicles. Sabashtion the Ninja Penguin’s favorite food is a watermelon slushy.

She also has other family members in Antartica. She loves her family. Sabashtion the Ninja Penguin and Labashtion the Awesome Ninja Penguin have a problem though, their igloo is too small. So to fix this problem they are going to build a bigger one.

And the last thing about Sabashtion the Ninja Penguin is that her favorite song is “Teach Me How To Waddle.”

To be continued…


Sabashtion (GSD4) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students of Gideon School District in Missouri. We invite you to visit all GSD rocks and submit your comments and feedback, it will be much appreciated.

If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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