Tony and the Volcano

Tony is one of eight rocks that took a Rock Trek through Europe. This is how his story continues (by Rhema). You can read the first part of his story here.

Tony went on a trek around Europe hundreds of years ago and never returned again… until now.

Tony reached a village near Naples Italy, which was at the base of a huge volcano Mount Vesuvius. The people living in the village saw Tony and laughed thinking he looked silly, they had never seen a rock monster before. This made Tony angry so he stormed up the mountain to get away from them.

The ground underneath him began to rumble as he was travelling up the volcano and smoke started leaking out of the top. The villagers at the base of the volcano saw this and started to panic thinking that Tony must be a god who they have just upset, so they started to run to their houses for cover. As Tony was climbing the volcano it started to become very hot and he could hear lava bubbling at the top, so he decided to bury himself among the stones and rocks – he knew he would be safe there.

Tony fell asleep straight away as he was so tired after climbing the volcano, however the villagers were scared and vowed they would never make fun of monster rock again. Suddenly the volcano erupted and lava and smoke poured out of the top and covered Pompeii in ash and blocking out the sunlight. The lava cooled and settled over Pompeii. There was no sign of life and Pompeii seemed quiet.

In the sky, the smoke and ash was clearing and the sun started to peek through the clouds. Suddenly there was movement in the ground and Tony peeked out through the dirt. Tony was alive !!! Tony started to jump up and down in releif and excitment he could continue to travel the world.

To be continued…


If you have found Tony (EU16) or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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