Balloony Pink Loves her Friends

This is the story of Balloony Pink (by Sofia, age 3).

Once upon a time there was a girl named Balloony Pink. Balloony Pink lived in a house and her mom decided for Balloony Pink to have a playdate with one of her friends. So, her mom called one of her friends and she came and they had so much fun that Balloony Pink’s mom said, “I am going to see if Balloony Pink can have a sleep over.” Balloony Pink heard that and was very happy. Her mom said another thing, “Balloony Pink’s friend can stay over here for a lot of days.” Balloony Pink’s friend heard that too and so she stayed. Another friend of Balloony Pink came over but Balloony Pink didn’t know what to do with her two friends. So, Balloony Pink thought and thought and then she knew it. “I know!” she said, “I will do everything they will want to do.” And so they played, they collected animals, they looked at her brother’s books, they played with her babies, and they had so much fun that Balloony Pink’s mom sent all of Balloony Pink’s friends to her house and Balloony Pink played with everyone.



Balloony Pink (IL 101) was found in IL. If you have found Balloony Pink or would like to continue this story, let us know!

2 thoughts on “Balloony Pink Loves her Friends”

  1. I want to play with Balloony Pink. She sure knows how to
    have fun.Did she have a picinic? I loved this story and how
    Balloony Pink did what her friends wanted to. She knows
    how to play well. I hope some day I can play with her.

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