Meepo and the Elephant

This is how the story of Meepo begins (by Bella B.).

Meepo had wanted to join the circus for as long as he could remember. While his friends at school talked about becoming engineers and building towers to the sky or doctors finding cures to stop humanity from getting old or scientists exploring the origin of the universe, the only thing that Meepo could think about was the circus.

One day, a small circus came into town. It wasn’t a very good circus and after the first day, few people actually stopped by. Meepo, however, loved it. He went every day and sat in the front row where he could watch the few circus acts “up close” (he said), eating a bag of peanuts. His friends laughed at him for they had been to the circus on that first day and really didn’t think there was much to see, up close or not. The circus had one elephant that was so tired of being in the circus that she simply refused to do anything except walk into the ring and sit down. There were three clowns that would ride tricycles around the elephant blowing horns and bubbles but she didn’t even bother looking at them. The elephant just sat there, her sad eyes turned towards the audience as if she were saying, “here we go again… and again…. and again.” After the elephant there was a goofy magician who could never quite get his acts to line up, a lion tamer who was scared of lions and spent the whole time trying to keep the lions away from him with a chair, and finally, a trapeze artist that didn’t really have a trapeze because the circus couldn’t afford one and so instead spent her act jumping and twirling on a trampoline.

One day, as Meepo watched the clowns ride around the elephant, the elephant looked up and saw Meepo. He had been there for five days in a row and the elephant had not once looked up. She turned her big eyes to him and didn’t blink once. Meepo looked back at her. Suddenly, the elephant stood up, unfolding each heavy leg one by one. The clowns were startled by her movement and fell of their tricycles. The elephant took four big steps and walked towards Meepo. Meepo smiled. The elephant stretched out her long, old, gray trunk reaching towards Meepo. Meepo took a peanut from his bag and offered it to the elephant. She greedily gobbled it up and reached out for more. Meepo gave her another and another. By the end of the bag, the elephant had firmly planted herself in front of Meepo. Meepo stretched out his hand and pet the elephant. She reached out her trunk one more time and Meepo climbed on. He crawled all the way to the top of her head and he sat there, gazing out at the marvelous circus from the height of an elephant’s head. And that was it, that was his moment. He never left the circus after that.

From that day forth, Meepo spent every moment with that elephant. He ate with her, bathed with her, curled up to sleep with her and performed with her, although the elephant’s performance didn’t really change much. She still continued to sit in the middle of the circus ring as the clown rode in circles around her but at least now she had good company.

To be continued…


Meepo (IL113) was last seen in IL. If you have found Meepo or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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