Fuzzy Pink the Traveler

SCC12 This is how the story of Fuzzy Pink begins (by Jayden, grade 4). 

Hello, my name is Fuzzy Pink. I grew up in my art room. I was created there. I was a pebble and I got bigger and now I am 6 weeks old.

My big town is Lala Land. My lead food I eat is peas and my most is pizza. I have a best friend and that is Giggles hoot. We are alike and like the same things. We don’t like peas and we both like pizza. Oh, Lala Land is where I live.

I have lots of friends. My other friend is Mavis. She is so fun. She looks creepy but she is not, she is funny and has a good heart and personality. I have lots of friends and they are all nice. I like to travel a lot.  

To be continued…


Fuzzy Pink (SCC12) is part of a series of monsters created by students at Scott County Central School in MO. We invite you to visit all SCC rocks and submit your comments and feedback.

If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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