Elie the Rock

ND70 This is how the story of Elie begins (by Elie, grade 5).

Once upon a time, there lived a rock, which was a witch named Elie. She was very friendly, but most people didn’t like her. Others still stayed far from her because she was slow, shy, liked darkness, and seemed like she was always trying to destroy people. No she wasn’t! Well, maybe sometimes, but she never meant to hurt anyone she just faked it so people wouldn’t make fun of her.

One day she was taking a walk in the great forest. Whenever she saw a deer it would flee away from her, but other animals wouldn’t. The one day there was a hunter who wanted to hunt some pheasants. He saw her, and then wanted to say hi. When he said hi to her Elie was then, very happy. The hunter went and told the town that Elie wasn’t mean. For the people to think she was not mean they called her Elie the rock.

To be continued…


Elie (ND70) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Cathedral School of Bismark, ND. We invite you to visit all CS rocks and submit your comments and feedback, it will be much appreciated.

If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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