Piggy’s Nature Trip


Piggy is a rock on cross-country rock trek from Texas to California. This is how her story begins (by Sassy).

One time there was a piggy named Mouse. She lived on a farm in Texas, and had always wanted to see mountains. One day, she heard the family that owned the farm talking about an upcoming vacation… A nature trip to see mountains! She got excited, and snuck into a suitcase when they packed their van.

They went from Texas to New Mexico to Arizona to California. She saw so much along the way. White Sand Dunes, Saguaro Cacti, the Pacific Ocean, and her favorite… the mountains at Yosemite. She made it all the way to the Grand Canyon on their trip home, before the family discovered their piggy stowaway.

… to be continued.


Piggy (TXCA14) was last seen at the Grand Canyon, AZ. If you have found this rock and would like to continue to the story, please contact us. Otherwise, please leave the rock where you found it for somebody else to find.

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