That One Scientist


This is how the story of that One Scientist begins (by Mr. Egghead, grade 4).

I woke up in a train. I forgot about my work and I only had 20 minutes to get there. We’re going to get to work in 30 minutes, were going to be 10 minutes late!

I asked the driver to speed up. Then I remembered it’s a self driving train. I was going to jump out the window but I didn’t do it. It would only make the time to get work longer. I fell back asleep.

30 minutes later I woke up to this door taking a million years to open. By the time the door opened we were 20 minutes late. So I ran to the lab to get testing with plants (we’re trying to figure out how to make plants grow faster).

Some chemical spilled on me then I cleaned it off, then I went outside to study plants. There was a plant on top of the wall but all the gravity disablers didn’t work. I jumped at it and started to fly. Then, I turned into Superman.

Well basically, I’d heard the same thing that happened to me happened to 7 other scientists so I was good because they didn’t die from it, that’s a plus.

I checked on our zombie cows and they were gone. This was a bad thing. Those things are more aggressive than a human being trying to kill a bug.

I ran over to the super egg rock what was filled with chemicals that kept the zombie cows away. But as I walking to the train to leave the lab before they shut it down because of the zombie cow problem (with them walking around the lab they probably already injured someone or some thing) , they shut the train down.

I tried to fly over there before the gate closed but I was too late so I went over to the gym to workout so I wouldn’t get injured by the zombie cows. Then I realized that I couldn’t even hold something that was 60 pounds.

I ran over to the core, it was overheating. I didn’t know what to do so I walked over to where all the people were but it looked like World War 2. It was all destroyed, it looked more like Fallout 4. I started playing the Fallout 4 soundtrack but there was nobody.

Then I heard a bunch of stomping and I knew it was the zombie cows so I ran and grabbed my power armor but then…

To be continued!


That One Scientist (DEFM112) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Donald Elementary in Flower Mount, TX. If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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