Anne the News Reporter, Saves the Day


This is how the story of Anne begins.

Hi there . My name is Anne. I am a news reporter . My job is to get on TV and tell news. My hair is black and I wear a white shirt with a blue coat on top.

One day, I was sitting in my room having brunch with my daughters when somebody outside started talking. I looked outside and to my surprise, two men took out a huge bomb. The bomb was a six foot tall figure that weighed four pounds ( at least it looked like it ). I was so surprised that I couldn’t even move. I immediately put on my coat and headed towards the news studio. I have to report this. I told my daughters to stay right there while I get to work.


My news studio was a normal studio. The walls were white with navy blue stripes. There was a coffee table with a coffee machine on top. I met up with the rest of the team. I told them about the two men and the bomb. They set up the scene and started to film me talking about the two men and the bomb. After I finished it,they thanked me for my help. I told them that they should probably head home.

Then, I …

To be continued!


Anne (DEFM129) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Donald Elementary in Flower Mount, TX. If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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