Kitty Cat Combo

Rock Thoughts

This is how the story of Combo begins (by Dirpdude, grade 4).

Hello! I hope you’re reading this because it’s going to be quite exciting.

I’m Combo, I’m a cat and i’m going to tell you a story about when Kitty Combo (my little brother) got stuck in a tree and I saved him.

So on an ordinary day I was laying down and Kitty Combo was chasing a bird. I think it was pretty scared so it flew onto a tree. Doing this didn’t make Kitty stop, next thing I saw was Kitty speeding up the tree. I had to save him so I bounced out the window and up the tree. But I’m afraid of heights, so now there were two cats in the tree!

But the firefighter’s truck was already coming. When it got here, the ladder turned to us and started levitating with a firefighter on it. He calmly said, “come here, kitty kitty.”

First of all, I’m Combo the cat and that’s Kitty Combo. That’s when I thought, “wait, he is supposed to fight fire not save kitty’s.”

Alright don’t you see that he’s now got me calling myself a kitty? Well I had an idea, and put it to work so I threw kitty on my back and I launched onto the fireman and onto the truck. Then I hurried home.

The next day I found a newspaper on the porch and I read it. It said, “a fire fighter broke a bone or two and is severely injured all because of a cat. Based on evidence, it was a black and white cat.”

Well after reading this I knew I had to teach that cat some manners. As I walked into his house I saw a kitty and scratched him and then sprinted out and went into our house. When I saw Kitty with weird scratch marks on his face about the same as that kitty who I just scratched I thought, “just because I scratched that cat who is so disrespectful doesn’t mean he has to be even more disrespectful!”

But I was tired and went to sleep.

The next day I saw bird on a tree but there was something bigger trying to jump to the branch the bird was on and I knew I had to save kitty…

To be continued!


Combo (DEFM123) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students at Donald Elementary in Flower Mount, TX. If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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