The Super Three


This is how the story of Lazer Guy begins (6th grade).

Once upon a time I (Lazer Guy) and my brother Super Salt were born, we often saw people needing help. So we thought, how can we help those people? But we never found a solution.

Then on our third birthday we got a dog from our parents, we called him Hyper Henry, but knew early that he was something special. But we couldn’t really find out.

One day my brother and me were going out for a walk, it was actually like every walk, but then something stung me and my brother. We first didn’t know what stung us or what effects it has on us. Then I stroked Hyper Henry and suddenly when I threw the stick it flew kilometers and the dog flew to the stick!

My brother and I looking at each other surprised. Then later in the day we also found out that my brother also has superpowers, he could lift a whole house! And we were just five at this point! Now we knew how we could help people. But we didn’t tell our parents anything.

The next day we went in the city, there we saw an old woman being robbed by a young man. My brother and I already had an attack, the name of the attack was: Party Punch. We put the old woman to the side, and went on. We went to the thief made a circle around him, sped up to 3000 km/h so that the thief couldn’t see anything, then I threw Super Salt on him and he was K.O. But he didn’t have any pain, the knock just makes him fall asleep.

Hyper Henry then chained the thief. We decided to tell our parents about our superpowers.They first were shocked, but then they found it good that we help people at our age. We went in the city and every day helped people, together with my brother Super Salt and Hyper Henry. Until our lives end.

… to be continued.


Lazer Guy (PHF39) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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