The Big Adventure


This is how the story of Jackie begins (6th grade).

Hi my name is Maya. I am 13 years old. I live in Iceland. It is pretty cold there in winter… actually, very cold!

So my story is about how Jackie, my wonderful greyish husky with eyes as blue as the sky, saved my life.

My best bud and me were training with some of my family’s dogs for the race. It was quite sunny so the perfect day to practice. The race was between kids which live around. The grand prize was an expedition to the waterfalls called “The Husky.” No one here had ever seen them because you could only get there with a helicopter. I really wanted to win, it is soooooo amazing!

The race was in 2 days and I saw everyone practicing, practicing and even more practicing. Today was my big chance to win the flight to “The Husky.”

Everyone was ready and couldn’t wait for the race to start. My mother, father, and brother wished me good luck to win!

3….2….1… BOOM!

First lap of three I was 5th place out of 10.

Second lap I was 3rd place.

Last round where everyone was cheering, I was 2nd place but the huskies of the girl (Jessica) who was in 1st, suddenly stopped! That was my chance! YES! I won the race with Jackie and my family’s dogs!

I was in that moment the happiest girl on earth! My best bud and me were going to “The Husky” waterfalls. Everyone who participated got a Hot Chocolate and a big Gummy Bear box!

In 3 days Jackie and me were flying to “The Husky” falls. Mom , Dad and my brother were excited that I was going to go to the pretty waterfalls. My things were packed my camera next to my bed! TOMORROW was our big day! I couldn’t sleep the whole night, and also Jackie couldn’t.

For breakfast I ate cornflakes and my best bud ate her chicken dog food. The helicopter landed. Mom , Dad , and my brother were waving at me. My grey husky and me slowly and gently went into the heli before the door closed. Dad shouted, “Good flight!”

The flight machine went higher and higher. The view was soooo fabulous! This would be unforgettable.

With wet hands we landed softly. Everybody came out of the helicopter! The pilot said with a loud and kind voice, “Have fun and see you later.” The tall man with a mustache and short blond hair said, “My name is Jeff and I will be your guide! Please don’t lean over the boat!”

“Okay , Jeff,” I answered. Jackie gave a bark as an answer.

“What is your name?” Jeff asked quietly and softly.

“Jackie my best buddy!” I answered very proudly.

“And your name?” Jeff asked me while we went in the boat which looked like a husky.

“My name is Maya, the happiest girl in the world!” I said proudly and excitedly. Suddenly I saw something splashing in the water! I leaned a little over to see what it was. In that moment my best buddy jumped on my back and a very, very strong wind came. It all happened so quickly and then I was lying in the freezing water of “The Husky” falls. This was not such a big problem for people who live in warm countries where there are pools or oceans. But I couldn’t swim! I started to shout and panic. I just saw black and my last word was “Jackie!”

… to be continued.


Jackie (PHF63) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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