Adventures in Pokeland


This is how the story of Pichu begins (6th grade).

If you don´t play Pokemon Go you will not understand a thing and not know what to write about next so give it to a friend that plays Pokemon Go or hide it somewhere else. Have fun reading!
Once there was a Pokebaby called Pichu. He lived in the Pokevillage. Sadly, he was too small so his parents threw him out. He was walking along the road when suddenly a human appeared.

“Oh my gosh!” he said. “A Pikachu!”

He threw the ball and hit Pichu in the head. Pichu was knocked out…
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(Here comes my version:)
When Pichu woke up he was in a nice Pokehouse. He saw the person that caught him. He was very nice. He had caught Pichu because he needed the candies for his Pikachu. But then Pichu saw that the Pikachu was his older brother that had been sent out too! He had been a Pichu before too but he had grown into a Pikachu with some effect. They recognized each other directly.

His brother told him that the boy was called Ash. Ash had to transfer Pichu to the professor because he needed one more Chu candy to evolve his brother to Raichu. So Pichu said goodbye to his brother. Then he got transferred…
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(Here comes my version:)
He opened his eyes and he saw the professor.

“Hello little guy!” said the professor. “Time to let you out, isn´t it?”

Pichu nodded. He really wanted to get out to the wild again, but first the professor wanted to teach him something.

He said: “You are Pichu, you have an effect called Baby evolution. It makes you evolve to Pikachu if you have one Chu candy.”

“Ah,” said Pichu in his head. “That was probably the effect my brother used.”

“I will give it to you now so you can evolve to Pikachu. Then you will have more strength to survive in the wild. But you can only evolve if you have lots of energy and I have the perfect thing for you.” The professor led him to a big glass jar.

“Ash probably also had one of these,” thought Pichu.

When Pichu was inside he felt very light. Then the professor put in the Chu candy and pressed on go…

To be continued by you…

… to be continued.


Pichu (PHF38) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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