The Hunters


This is how the story of PHF43 begins (6th grade).

In another universe there was a world filled with many mysterious creatures. Some were aliens and some were Pokémon. Among the aliens were a lot of inventors. Many were long-forgotten and covered in mystery and some were the greatest of them, but nobody could uncover the mystery of the Pokémon. They were all different, yet all the same.

In one of the many cities, lived three sisters: Sparky, Pyro and Aqua. They were all Pokémon trainers, but they specialized in three different types: Electricity, Fire and Water. Their three other friends were Espa, Glacea and Flare. They specialized in Psychic, Ice and Fairy.

On a beautiful day, they went on a walk in the city to patrol the streets for Pokémon. The group of six called themselves “Hunters” because they hunted Pokémon. Usually they split up into groups of two. So they were Aqua-Glacea, Espa-Sparky and Pyro-Flare.

Nobody had any luck that day because Pokémon were really scarce in the city. There were still some in the mountains, but the only problem with them was that they were extremely dangerous.

Suddenly, Flare heard a screech! A roar! As fast as they could, all of the others gathered around to find the source of the noises.

Another roar!

Then Sparky saw where the noise was coming from. “Up there!Quick!” shouted Pyro as she also saw the Pokémon that was making the noises.

They quickly climbed up the stairs that were placed on the side of the very tall building. As they approached the end of the stairs they were surprised to see a Gyrados fighting what looked like a really small Dragonite. It had already fainted by the time they arrived at the fight. While Aqua, Glacea and Espa tried to tame the wild Gyrados, Pyro, Flare and Sparky tried to recover the Dragonite.

… to be continued.


(PHF43) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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