The Three Friends and the Magic Mystery


This is how the story of PHF69 begins (6th grade).

Emma, Marvin and Elias went for a walk on the Bubblyfubble street. It was a nice day, but the three friends were bored.

“What can we do? We already ate ice cream, went to the park and played board games!” Marvin complained.

Emma and Elias just sighed and they kept on walking. Suddenly Emma jumped up and made a weird sound.

“Emma, don’t scare us! What happened?” Elias asked.

“I got a perfect idea! We can go to Blibo’s magic fabric and see how he’s doing and what new magic stuff he learned again. We haven’t been there a really long time!”

“Great idea!” Marvin stated.

“Yeah! That’s super, Emma! Let’s go!” Elias exclaimed.

But when the friends arrived, something really strange was waiting for them. Everywhere there were police and blue lights. It was chaos!

The three friends looked for Blibo, the magician, and finally found him in a corner where reporters were asking him questions.

“What was stolen from you? Do you have any clues? When did you inform the police?” the reporters asked wildly.

“Excuse us please, we want to talk to our friend for a second, could you please let us through?” Marvin screamed through all the noise.

Finally when the friends got through the reporters, they sat beside Blibo. Blibo had really pale skin and it looked like he had cried.

“Blibo, what happened?” Emma asked carefully. Blibo hesitated. “There were thieves and they… they stole…”

“Stole what? Was it something really important to you? Did you see what the thieves looked like?” the reporters asked again.

Elias stood up and sent the reporters away. Blibo started crying again. It was horrible for the friends, but much more so for Blibo.

The friends tried to calm him down, but it only made matters worse. Soon the police sent all the reporters and the other people away. So, Emma, Elias and Marvin went on their way home.

“Poor Blibo, all his magic stuff and even all the manuals are gone!” Elias said.

The next day, the friends wanted to meet again, but this time in the restaurant “Roma.” Marvin and Elias waited for Emma. But she just didn’t come. Finally, 30 minutes later, Emma came, but not with a smile on her face.

“Our appointment was at 12:00, not at 12:30!” Marvin said angrily.

“Sorry guys, but I got really bad news! Blibo’s house got robbed too. Now he has a robbed shop and a robbed house!” Emma exclaimed.

Elias nodded.” Seems that someone likes or needs magic really urgently…”

… to be continued.


(PHF69) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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