Severus Saves the Day


This is how the story of Severus begins (6th grade).

Severus woke up. He looked around. He was in his bed.

“Uff!” he thought, “it only was a nightmare.” He had been dreaming about a plane crash.

Severus stood up. He was a normal boy with brown hair and green eyes. He also was a 11 years old and 1,40m tall.

“Are you coming, Sev?” his Mom asked from downstairs.

“Coming,” Severus shouted.

At his school there was a student exchange and he was going to London, and that’s why he was really excited.

“Do you have everything?” his Dad asked. Before Severus could answer his Mom hugged him. He got into the car and overheard Dad saying to Mom: “He’ll be Okay, Melissa.”

It was a long drive to the airport. The airport was big and showy. Severus saw some people from foreign lands and others playing “Pokemon Go.”

His Dad said: “Your plane starts in 10 minutes. You’ll need to hurry.”

They ran to the gate. “I’ll miss you, Dad,” Severus said and hugged him. Sev walked on the plane but something was mysterious. Something smelled like fire, but that interested Severus at that moment. The plane took off.

It flew over the ocean when somebody screamed, “the wing is burning, the wing is burning!”

Severus looked outside and saw the burning wing. He squinted his eyes. Severus thought he saw somebody. He broke the window and jumped outside. There really was a person on the wing doing something to the wing. He could barely stand because the wind was so strong.

“Stop!”, Severus shouted. Then Sev realized that there was second figure fighting against the first. Severus leaped in the direction of the two people. The moment his feet left the wing, the wind pushed him away. Sev could barely hold on to the shoe of one of the two people fighting.

Suddenly his body began to disappear. When Severus opened his eye he saw a door. “What the heck, where am I? ” he thought.

Then he heard pleading behind the door. Somebody said, “let me go”. Sev rammed the door, and to his astonishment it broke open.
Inside there were a boy and a girl. The girl was tied to a chair and the boy was standing by the door. But actually, you couldn’t call the boy a “boy.” He was much bigger than a boy, he was a man!

The man threw a fireball that was made in his hand, at Severus. Luckily Severus ducked and the ball hit the door.

“Shoot,” Severus thought, “the house is burning and I am inside.”

It got hotter and hotter. Suddenly smoke filled the room. As it cleared the bad guy was gone. So Sev untied the girl and they ran out of the building. Not a minute too late, because the moment they left the building, the whole building fell down.

Severus stood up. “Hello,” he said.

“Hello, my name is Julia. What’s your name?” Julia asked.

“Severus,” Sev said.

“Do you have any superpowers?” Julia said and continued. “I have mind-reading powers. Wait! I’m going to read your mind to find out yours.”

After a long quiet minute, Julia said, “Oh, you’re a timetarian!”

“A what???” Severus asked.

“A timetarian!” Julia said again. “A person who controls time.”

“Cool”, Severus whispered.

“There’s no time to test them because the bad guy wants to kill the Prime Minister,” Julia said.

“How do you know that?” Severus asked.

“Hello! Brain reading!” Julia said annoyed and tapped her finger to her forehead. They ran down the smoky alley.

“Where are we?” Severus asked.

“We’re in London, in the rockthought Alley,” Julia answered. “Today there’s a parade with the Prime Minister, which starts in Oxford street.”

They ran to Oxford street. The parade had already started. They saw the bad guy climbing a water pipe of a house.

… to be continued.


Severus (PHF52) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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