My Life as a Hero


This is how the story of Leti begins (6th grade).

Hello, my name is Leti and I`m 10 years old. I live in a little Stonecity. My street is named Rockstreet. I love my stone family and especially my friends and my big sister.

My best friend is Emilia. My dad is working in a big company and my mom is working as a director in art. I love my family and my wonderful friends.

Sometimes, I don`t like my sister so much because she is not always so nice as she should be to me. For me it is ok because I do it sometimes also to her.

My parents and my sister always say I am a little hero. When they say it I always feel really comfortable and really good. They say it, because I one time or even a few times saved other’s lives.

That one time I helped a really good friend of mine. He flew with a helicopter and then jumped out of the helicopter and was paragliding. In the air Phillip forgot everything and fell down.
I was scared to lose him. In this moment I opened my hands and hoped that I could catch him. After a second he landed just with one cut of blood on his arm on me.

I was so happy, that everything was fine and that I helped Phillip. I really saved someone’s life. Just feeling so wonderful!

My wish is to always help other people and to be like I am now, not in an other way.

… to be continued.


Leti (PHF61) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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