The Dimandaria


This is how the story of Sparkle begins (6th grade).

Jewel York is the most beautiful city in the whole world. In Jewel York there are the best Diamonds in the world and it’s full of Crystal Palaces. OK, now before I tell you this story, I should introduce myself. Hi, my name is Twinkle and this story is about my sister named Sparkle.

My sister was the greatest Super-rock in the whole Jewel York. She saved so many people, was the best sister ever. And now… whatever.

Now, one day on New Year’s Eve, Sparkle got an alarm. The alarm came from the most famous and best Diamand pizzeria (you say in your world “Earth” – what a name is that?!) in the whole universe. The Dimandaria*

Sparkle, as fast as she could, ran to the Dimandaria. As she reached Dimandaria, everything was on fire. It was not a normal fire. Someone put the fire on. She ran in and got everyone out. People by people, children and babies, her clouds went on fire and turned black. As everyone got saved, Sparkle went to get the Diamond box. She saw a bomb. She wanted to run out, but the doors were locked!

… to be continued.


Sparkle (PHF45) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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