Loki the Hero


This is how the story of Loki begins (6th grade).

Hello people. Let me tell you the story of a dog named Loki.

Loki was the first dog hero. He had the same powers like Superman and Supergirl. Every person in the world knew him under the name Superdog, but secretly he was the dog from our class teacher.

One day, suddenly something that looked like a spaceship crashed into the house from Angela Merkel. Luckily, Angela Merkel wasn’t there. As the spaceship crashed into earth everything in the radius of 500 meters turned into stone. Then as Loki came, the door of the spaceship opened slowly…

… to be continued.


Loki (PHF64) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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