Story of My Life


This is how the story of PHF71 begins (6th grade).

Emma, Melissa, Kevin, Elias and me were going to the coolest waterfall to swim.

1 hour later!!!

I was on my bike driving to the waterfall. Everybody was there, just Emma wasn’t there. So we waited. 30 min later and she still didn’t arrive. Kevin and Elias were in the water swimming. Melissa and I got really worried and waited. 10 min later her bigger Sister Nova came and asked us if Emma was there because she left home 1 hour ago and that she should call home when she arrived at the waterfall but she didn’t. We really got worried. Kevin and Elias got out of the water. We all talked and thought, “what will we do now?”

20 min later.

We decided to split up in groups and search. Nova would stay at our bicycles and stuff so nobody steels them or if Emma comes. We searched and searched.

2 hours later.

Melissa and I got back because we didn’t find her. Then suddenly Kevin got back and he was out of breath and dirty, bleeding on his knees and he didn’t have a jacket on him anymore. We were shocked and asked what happened.

10 min later.

So now we lost Emma and Elias. OHHHHH NOOOO!!! We didn’t know what to do !!!

1 hour later.

We were still thinking. Then a dog suddenly came. He pulled my t -shirt. Then he licked Melissa. We were confused but then we started walking after him. We were in the woods beside a hole he started barking. We looked in and saw Emma and her bike laying on her. We tried to pull her out. She must haven driven too fast with her bike. We pulled her out and we were happy. But Elias was still missing. Melissa had an idea. First we gave the dog a name (Xenia ). We were walking back to our stuff but then Kevin’s bike and Melissa’s bag were missing. So now we had two problems. We took the hat of Elias and let Xenia sniff it and to find Elias.


… to be continued.


(PHF71) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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