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At Rock Thoughts, we champion the empowered child and our goal is to help children become heroes, which is to say, to teach them how to connect with others and the world around them in a meaningful way. We do so through art and storytelling.

Life is the quintessential experience in storytelling. We are in a constant state of narrative, crafting the story of who we are and who we will become. The story we tell about ourselves is easily the most important thing we will do in life; it will shape the choices we make, the challenges we face, and the opportunities we embrace. Our ability to take ownership of and craft our own life narrative, as  separate from that of the social story we inhabit at a given time and place, is integral to the formation of the self.

What Rock Thoughts offers is a unique opportunity to develop key skills that will help children become empowered individuals.

How does this work?

Rock Thoughts is a social and creative experience teaching children how to make meaningful connections with others through artistic creation and storytelling. First, children are asked to create a hero. This enables them to identify the qualities they see in others and themselves that are heroic. It also empowers them to bring these qualities to life in a real-world context. Second, the children share their heroes with the world at large and they watch as these very heroes connect with others, becoming something meaningful on a broader scale. This simple act is a powerful way of enabling children to see how even the smallest hero can have a very large impact.

But, what is a hero?

A hero is someone who has the courage to makes a positive contribution to the world. This is not often easy to do, but that doesn’t mean a heroic deed is out of our reach. Some examples of heroes:

  • someone who stands up to bullies
  • someone who helps a friend, a stranger (or an enemy) in need
  • someone who travels to a new place to learn about people who are different than them
  • someone who learns a new language so they can understand how to better communicate with others
  • someone who develops a new skill so they can help others solve problems
  • someone who steps in to do the right thing
  • someone who speaks up to say the right thing
  • you

Read our vision to learn more about our the Rock Thoughts instructional approach.

Come play with us!

The Rock Thoughts process is simple: participants paint rocks to represent heroes in their every day lives and they create the first part of their hero’s life narrative. The rocks are each given a unique #rockthoughts code and left in public places for others to find. Finders of the rocks are then invited to add to that hero’s growing narrative by submitting  a new story to our site. That new story becomes a permanent part of the hero’s virtual life and the finder becomes a co-collaborator in developing its story. The storyteller then leaves the hero as a gift for another person to find and continue the experience.

At the moment, Rock Thoughts has gone live in over 15 countries. We offer stories in multiple languages and in various forms of media.

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