Many of the stories we feature originate from rocks that storytellers find. However, we also have some rock friends who found us and are eager to connect with storytellers. Below are the rocks we are currently featuring.


If you would like to write a story about one of these rocks, please contact us with the following information:

  • your name (or alias if you prefer)
  • your location
  • your age and/or grade level (this helps us identify the different age brackets of our storytellers)
  • the code of the rock you’ve selected
  • the name you’d like for the rock you’ve selected
  • your rock’s story (including the title)

Once we receive your information, we will upload your story together with the photo of the rock and hide the rock for another storyteller to find and continue the story you started.

The following rocks have already been adopted. You can read their stories by clicking on the pictures:

Eyega (IL23)
Koby (IL53)
Sila (IL128)
Rocky (IL30)
Braceman (IL21)
Meanface (IL90)
Nerdy (IL25)
Mustache Man (IL266)
Yellow Dude (IL406)
Buttonhead (BF4)
Bigmouth (BD11)
Bob (IL109)

Share your mighty story!