Whittier ece-8 – Social Justice Project

This Social Justice Project is a wonderful collaboration between students and teachers at Whittier ece-8 in Denver, Colorado, the RedLine Art Laboratory, and Rock Thoughts.

RedLine is a diverse urban laboratory where art, education and community converge. Their vision is to foster forms of social practice in the arts that inspire inquiry and catalyze change. This project is part of their Educational Partnership Initiative for the Creative (EPIC) Arts program.

The rocks will be on display at RedLine starting on  May 12th. If you are in the neighborhood, we encourage you to stop by and show your support.

Can you identify these social justice leaders?

Click on the photos to read their stories (the stories were all written with help by the students’ literacy teachers Mrs. Barber and Ms. Sproling).

A Man of Courage (by Nadia L.)
A Man of Courage (by Tya)
I am the “Father” of Freedom (by Sandra)
Nelson Mandela (by Dae’Juan)
Me, Upton Sinclair (by Ta’Jeon)
Mahatma Gandhi (by Shia)
Eleanor Roosevelt (by La’Trelle)
Martin Luther King Jr. (by Anthony)
Mahatma Gandhi (by Daron)
Cesar Chavez (by Le’Detric)
Dr. King (by Francisco)
My Famous Person (by Stephanie)
Martin Luther King Jr. (by Javante)
Woody Guthrie (by Lonicia)
Nelson Mandela (by Justin)
Mahatma Gandi (by Anastacia)
Cesar Chavez (by Damian)
Rosa Parks (by Lee’Nyzha)
Rosa Parks (by Abriana)
Upton Sinclair (by Jose)
Rosa Parks (by Isela)
Social Justice (by Donovan)
Cesar Chavez (by Javier)
Rosa Parks (by Nya)
Rosa Parks (by Brandy)
Doris Day (by Jocelyn)
Woody Guthrie (by Nick).
Upton Sinclair (by Dan)
Woody Guthrie (by Steve)
Martin Luther King Jr. (by Rodolfo)
Cesar Chavez (by Isaias)

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