Get Involved

Please note – we are taking a temporary break from this project. We will announce on this page when we are able to resume so be sure to check back regularly.

There are many ways to get involved in Rock Thoughts*:

Paint your own rocks.

  • Choose rocks about the size of your palm and paint or decorate them to resemble monsters (we recommend bright color acrylics).
  • Send a photograph of each rock against a white background to hello [at] rockthoughts [dot] com. Please include your location so that we can generate a specific code for your rock(s).**
  • The rock’s code together with our site URL ( should be printed on the underside of the rock with a permanent marker.
  • We invite you to submit the first story for your monster(s) before releasing them into the wild. Please include the storyteller’s pen name (optional), age (optional), and location.
  • Hide your rock in a public space for someone else to find and continue developing your monster(s) narrative(s).

To see how the process actually works, watch our new stop motion animation video about two friends that embark on a grand adventure:

Rock Finders please follow the related instructions.

Start your own Rock Trek.

Submit comments and feedback for the stories we have published.

Adopt a rock and submit a story for us to upload onto the site.

Help us spread the word about this project.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the site.


*  We respect and honor the integrity of all of our users and to that end, please be sure you’ve reviewed our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Children have important online privacy rights  and you should understand what they are before letting any child use the internet.
** We will not provide your email or contact information to any third parties. Our correspondence with you will be limited solely to your involvement with this project. By submitting your story, you consent to our use of the information that you have provided for the purposes of this project.

Share your mighty story!