Four-Eyed Pete

This is how the story of Four-Eyed Pete begins (by Mary Jane B.)

Before Four-Eyed Pete had four eyes, he was called Three-Eyed Pete. He lived in the Three-Eyed Club with Three-Eyed Betty and Three-Eyed Bob. One time he was playing with his little sister, Three-Eyed Sally. Then something happened. He tripped and fell into some paint. One paint can was black and one paint can was white because they were painting their outside chairs that were black and white. First, part of the white paint splashed right on his face and it made a big dot. Then a small drop of black paint splashed right inside of it. Now it looked like he had an extra eye. When he got up, Three-Eyed Sally went to go get mom. Mom came out. Oh, no!

To be continued…


Four-Eyed Pete (WI11) was last seen in Madison, WI. Have you seen him or would you like to continue his story? Let us know!

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