Meeting the Romanovs (Boris’s Story)

 Boris is one of the rocks on a Rock Trek through Europe. This is how his story begins (by Eileen S.). 

Yalta in the Crimea lies on the beautiful north coast of the Black Sea. It is founded on an ancient Greek colony and is surrounded by green mountains. Palm trees mingle with pine trees and it is said that the airs of Yalta give health.

Many people have visited and loved Yalta, including the Romanov imperial family who built the wonderful White Palace there. It is a peaceful place despite its sad heritage and here, on the steps that lead up to the entrance to the palace, Boris was placed.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Noskin

Boris is a large blue rock with a tough red jaw. He looks as tough and implacable as the Russians are said to be. Here I hope Boris may find an adventure with someone who will appreciate his strength and rough exterior, and may this adventure be more gentle and happier than that of those previous occupants.

To be continued…


Boris (EU12) was last seen in Yalta, Ukraine. Have you seen him or would you like to continue this Romanov adventure? If so, let us know!

Boris is part of a group of rocks on a European Rock Trek. Be sure to read how the story begins and the following chronicles of Boris’ fellow travelers:

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