A Little Italian Adventure

 This is how the story of Dotty and Momo begins (by Michelle V.)

Illinois is great and all, but it can get boring in the burbs, so Dotty and Momo hitched a ride to San Diego in a suitcase belonging to a young Italian girl. Where did they end up? Little Italy of course! It’s a neighborhood you can see from the plane. Did you know the airport in San Diego is right in the city? It feels like you’re going to land on top of the buildings!

From the airplane window they could see the harbor full of sailboats, fishing vessels and cruise ships. It was like nothing they had ever seen in Illinois before. Dotty and Momo were so excited to explore this new place. As soon as they stepped off the plane, they could smell ocean air and the faint aroma of pizza, so they followed their noses. Take a look at what they found.

*Be sure to un-mute your speakers.

(see comments below for a continuation of this story… feel free to add more!)


Dotty (IL105) and Momo (IL116) were last seen in San Diego, CA. Have you seen them or would you like to continue their story? If so, let us know!

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