Princessy goes to the movie theater

This is how the story of Princessy begins (by Sofia, age 3).

Once upon a time there was a rock named Princessy and she decided to go on an adventure to find her friends. She went off but there were bad guys, bad dinosaurs and bad monsters on her way. They were all sitting on the same hill and they were trying to catch her but she had wings and flew high in the sky and away from the bad guys, bad dinosaurs and bad monsters. She flew very, very fast and then she found a blue castle. She went inside the castle where she found a rock that was blue, had two eyes and was happy. Princessy said, “what’s your name?” and the blue rock said, “I’m a boy and my name is Blue Soldier.” Then, Blue Soldier wanted to go with Princessy to find another friend.

They went walking and found a pink castle. They went inside the castle and found a pink rock that had one eye and it was happier than the blue rock. “What’s your name?” they asked. “My name is Princess Giraffe.” So Princessy, Blue Solider and Princess Giraffe decided to go to find more friends. They soon found a green castle. They didn’t want to go into that castle so they called out: “is any rock in here?” An answer came and said, “come in!” so they walked inside and they found a green rock. “What’s your name?” they asked. The green rock said, “my name is Green Princess House.” Princessy, Blue Soldier, Princess Giraffe and Green Princess House left the castle and went off to watch a movie called “How Princessy met Blue Solider, Princess Giraffe and Green Princess House.”

To be continued…


Princessy (IL37) was last seen in Evanston, IL. If you have found Princessy or would like to continue this story, let us know!

3 thoughts on “Princessy goes to the movie theater”

  1. Oh how I loved this story. All of the beautifully colored castles and rocks
    and they all met and went to the movies. I wish I could have gone with
    them. I loved it Sofia. Keep writing such good stories

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