Rockalo meets the Others

This is the story of Rockalo (by Nico, age 6).

Once upon a time there was a rock named Rockalo. He went off to the movies and watched “How Princessy met Blue Soldier, Princess Giraffe and Princess Green House.”  He said, “I wish I could find them and meet them.” So he set off on a long, long, long, long journey. In the Indonesian rainforest he saw a pink rock named Princessy and she had wings. Rockalo grew wings too and he flew high into the air. Princessy showed him her house, it was a pink castle. She introduced him to all of her friends and said, “you can stay forever” and he said, “thank you.”

One of Rockalo’s favorite activities was to play Flyball with his friends. Flyball is a game where you take a magic apple and you toss it in the air and it flies around. Then you have to catch it, and try to throw it into the flying goal post. There are two apples and each team has two players. Princessy was usually the coach. Rockalo and his friends would climb a tree and since they had wings, they would jump off the tree and fly into the air to catch the apple. Rockalo had the power to control the apples and he knew Fast Fly.

One day while Rockalo and his friends were sleeping, Camera Man came into their house. Camera Man was a bad guy who took pictures of rocks and trapped them in a picture. Camera Man stole their basket of magic apples with a gigantic net but Rockalo woke up when he heard a creak on the floor. He ran downstairs and caught Camera Man trying to escape. Rockalo flew up into the air and since he knew how to control the magic apples, he snapped his fingers and the apples flew out of the basket and started flying around. Camera Man tried to take a picture of Rockalo but Rockalo turned the camera around with Fast Flying and Camera Man took a picture of himself and got trapped in a picture. He dropped the basket and Rockalo put all the apples back in the basket and then went back to bed.

To be continued…


Rockalo (IL52) was last seen in Evanston, IL. If you have found Rockalo or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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  1. What an incredible story,so much fun chasing apples. I especially
    liked the Camera Man being trapped in his own camera. Not very
    smart. Great Job Nico

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