Penelope at the Circus

This is how the story of Penelope Giggles continues (by Faith, grade 5).

Juggling, jumping out of fiery loops, eating popcorn, drinking milkshakes at Afro Burger, Penelope Giggles does it all, But more importantly, the juggling and jumping through fiery loops.

You see, Penelope Giggles has tried many, many, different occupations, a doctor (she, unfortunately couldn’t give a simple checkup, no arms), teacher (she, sadly, has no patience for children, ages… well, for children), she even tried being an astronaut (all the suits were way too big – she should have tried them on in the dressing room – not only were they too big, they were also a big waste of money).  But, if she was in the circus, she could juggle by running to get the bowling pins, she could jump without arms or feet, and she was a natural!

She made many friends, her friends were Delonte and Labashtion. They were all in the circus business, too.

Giggles and Gang

Her friends’ favorite game was Twister. They could play it all day long, well, when they weren’t walking on tightropes.

Actually, the story starts when Penelope was on a tightrope, and she fell off! Luckily, Delonte caught her. Ever since then, Delonte and Penelope did everything together. They would serve burgers at AfroBurger, make fun of Cleo when he was knitting with his grandma (but they would always apologize afterwards because they realized that making fun of somebody’s hobby was mean).


They were so close, Labashtion didn’t hang out with them anymore. Delonte and Penelope didn’t even notice at first and when they finally did, they didn’t care.


Delonte and Penelope went to see a circus show because their boss gave them free tickets. They saw Labashtion trying to jump the fiery loop, she had never done that before! Penelope and Delonte really started to worry. During that moment they realized they needed their friend back. They believed that their friend could do it! She did! They all became friends!

To be continued…


Penelope Giggles (GSD28) is part of a series of monster rocks created by students of Gideon School District in Missouri. We invite you to visit all GSD rocks and submit your comments and feedback, it will be much appreciated.

If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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