Vamp Vamporizer

This is how the story of Vamp Vamporizer begins (by Rebecca N., age 10).

There once was a kid named Daap. He found a rock that buzzed when he rubbed it. It looked like a vampire rock. He named it Vamp Vaporizer.


He rubbed it every day, in the morning, afternoon, aftermorning, and night. One day, when he was rubbing him at after morning, his sister jumped out of nowhere! “LEMME TRY!!! LEMME TRY!!!” she screamed. “Ok! Ok!” Daap agreed. When she rubbed Vamp Vaporizer, she VAPORIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued…


Vamp Vamporizer (IL103) is one of our adopt-a-rocks. If you would like to continue this story, let us know. In the meantime, we invite you adopt your own rocks and help give these little monsters a story!

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