Glitter and the Big Furry Monster


This is how the story of Glitter begins (by HR, grade 3).

My name is Glitter, I was swimming in a pond with shiny blue fresh water, with high trees very long grass on a hot summer afternoon, until a big furry pink and blue monster came and took me.

‘‘BOOM,’’ ‘‘BOOM.’’ He stomped with his ferociously big feet.

‘’Let me gooo!!’’

‘‘ No,’’ no he said in a low voice.

He grabbed some shiny magic dust out and put it on me. It put me to sleep. The dust was so slippery I slipped out of the monster s arms and caught his color. I fell on the grassy land and woke up.

‘’Preeeeeety! I’m so glittery and color full. Now my name finally matches how I look.’’

And then you found me.

To be continued…


Glitter (OAE11) is part of a series of monsters created by students at Ocean Avenue Elementary School in Middletwon, NJ. We invite you to visit all OAE rocks and submit your comments and feedback.

If you have found this rock or would like to continue this story, let us know!

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