Golgar the Lonely and his Brand New World


Golgar is a rock on cross-country rock trek from Texas to California. This is how his story begins (byTexas Freeman).

Golgar was once warm and comfortable, part of a collective consciousness with untold billions of beings just like him living at the center of a far away planet. He was not solid as he is now, but glowing red liquid. And he was never alone! His body and mind flowed into and along with everyone else’s.

One day something terrible happened. A great volcano erupted, launching him along with a few hundred others into space! As he floated through the blackness he and his new family started to cool down and formed solid rocks. There’s no telling how long they floated out there, but they learned to be happy together and enjoy the beauty of the stars and planets and the beautiful space clouds.

Then they started to see a planet like none they had seen before. It was blue and bright. It was Earth!

They floated towards it, excited about what they might find there. But when they hit the atmosphere they became scattered, and flew in different directions. As they plummeted toward the ground, they saw each other get further away and get hotter and hotter, until all Golgar could see of his new family were bright specks on the horizon.

When Golgar hit the ground he realized he was lost on a new world, and as beautiful as it was he knew he could never stop searching for his lost family.

… to be continued!


Golgar (TXCA15) was last seen at the Grand Canyon, AZ. If you have found this rock and would like to continue to the story, please contact us. Otherwise, please leave the rock where you found it for somebody else to find

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