Star Wars Fake


This is how the story of Homer Skyrunner begins (by Pinkie, grade 6).

Once upon a time in a far, far away Galaxy…

Homer Skyrunner travels with a screaming bear, Hans Polo, Princess Nivea and his little army out of the Yoga club through the Galaxy. He also has a droid named Beep-deepel-e-dop.

Homer is a Jedi and his master “Obi”died because of Darth Rager with his galactic laser pan.

“That Obi, that was a good person (sniff). He showed me how to make NOODLES,” said Hans Polo.

“Yeah, I also will miss his yummy noodles!!” said Princess Nivea.

They put him into his grave and flew with their spaceship “Flying Eagle” back to their Base. Their friends out of the yoga Club were waiting with bad news. Darth Rager attacked their base with giant shooting camels.

“Start the jets and get the kangaroos back in!!”

To be continued…


Homer Skyrunner (PHF17) is one of a series of rocks created by students at Phorms in Steinbach, Germany. If you have found this rock and would like to continue this story, please let us know.

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